Hi, I’m Dave Delaney. I am a keynote speaker, author, communication coach, and host of the ADHD Wise Squirrels podcast. I’m obsessed with helping you improve your life by focusing on three pillars: knowing, respecting, and connecting yourself.

The Nice Maker is my way of inspiring you and sharing what I’m learning along the way. Each issue features nice stories, articles, tools, tips, music, and invites to special Nice Maker events.

The following icons will help you navigate The Nice Maker.

🧠 The brain represents self-knowledge and acceptance.

❤️ The heart represents self-respect and love.

🤝 The hands represent connecting with others with tips and events.

⭐ The star represents ADHD-themed for Wise Squirrels and our allies.

Being nice is crucial for authentic connections, self-acceptance, and confidence. It fosters genuine relationships, cultivates resilience, and promotes emotional well-being. Embracing your true self leads to personal growth and fulfillment and sets a positive example for others, encouraging a culture of acceptance and individuality. Being true to yourself enables a more meaningful and purposeful life. Sounds nice, right?

Nice includes kindness, but nice also means standing up for yourself and your people when necessary. We are stronger together.

In an era when loneliness has become an epidemic leading to illness and suffering, and we often don’t truly know who (or what) we correspond with online, it’s time to reconnect in person at Nice Maker events and other gatherings. Let’s build trust, social bonds, healthy lives, and successful careers together.

I hope you will join me.

Be nice,

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